Building Musical Traditions – The Larson Family Christmas Caroling Debut…

Growing up, our neighbors and friends, the Hastings family, would come each year with treats and beautiful 4 part harmonies to share with us.  We looked forward to their porch visits each year.  Well…. we are not quite yet ready to boast 4 part harmonies, but we were brave this year and started a new family tradition.  With a little encouragement, we convinced everyone to pile into our 12 passenger van and we headed out with a list of families to share treats and a carol with.

I’d say it was a very positive experience for all!  My favorite part was that we kept singing in the van between caroling stops.  Each child took turns choosing what to sing next.  It wasn’t perfect… but we did it and I think we’ll do it again.

Merry Christmas to all of our musical friends, from the Larson Family and Utah Piano Conservatory!