Building a Habit of Service Through Piano Recitals

Here at UPC, we sure love our piano recitals! Each quarter, we put on two different types of recitals. Our formal Piano Academy recitals happen at the Conservatory. Performers dress up, play memorized solos, invite friends and family, and take lots of pictures – probably similar to what piano recitals look like for studios across the country. The performances are always fantastic, and our students don’t complain about the candy bar they get at the end, either!

But as important as those types of performances are, it’s equally important to remember that gifts are best enjoyed when they’re shared. A week or two before our formal recitals, we like to take some of our students to a nursing home, rehab center, or other similar venue and put on a Community Outreach recital there. The goal of these recitals is simply to share our love of music with others! Because it’s a service-focused performance, students at any level of preparation can participate.  Students can play from music, play out of the hymnbook, or anything else they’ve worked on. Teachers can participate too! Check out a few pictures from past Community Outreach recitals:

CO 4 CO 7 CO July 17 community outreach may 2017 community zach community outreach

Our hope is that whether our students choose music as a career or simply play for fun for the rest of their lives, they will continue to use their talents to brighten the world around them! As Spencer W. Kimball taught, “We are in a position, as musicians, to touch the souls of those who listen.” Our next Community Outreach recital is coming up in just over a week, and we can’t wait!