Brotherly Love – This Rebuilt Grand Piano Now at the Provo City Center Temple!

Our boys loved this piano long before the temple piano selection committee did…. This is what happens when you love pianos…. your kids love pianos… and they love each other!  Brigham Jr. really fell in love with this old 1890’s era Chickering grand piano when it arrived to our piano shop for rebuilding.  So he decided that he wanted to share it with his little brother Louis.  After propping up his piano lesson binder, after piano academy lessons, and gathering a metronome (because he knows that you can’t have a good lesson or practice without a metronome)…. …he announced to both Louis and me, that it was time for Louis to start piano lessons and he would get him started!  And Briggy Jr. did just that!  He started teaching a very patient little brother how to play the piano.

Louis was very patient and a great sport right up until the end when the love was getting to be a bit much for him.

Well… it turns out that our Briggy Jr. and Louis are not the only ones who love this beautiful old carved grand piano.  A member of the piano selection committee for the Provo City Center Temple dedication came into our store looking for a brand new grand piano to rent for the open house festivities and ended up falling in love with this rebuilt Chickering grand instead.  He thought it would be neat to have a piano in the visitor area that was rebuilt from the same era as the building of the original Provo Tabernacle.  Brigham delivered it to the temple soon after the committee changed their recommendation from new to rebuilt.  So go and have a look at this restored musical art piece as you go and tour the newly completed Prove City Center Temple.  Two pieces of our heritage, beautifully restored. On New Year’s Eve, we took our kids for a walk around the Provo City Center temple and pointed out to them where the piano was delivered and that very soon, within weeks we’d be able to go and visit it inside as we tour and see the newly finished temple.  Who ever gets to purchase this piano after the dedication will have an extra piece of history and story to share about this very special piano.  Maybe we’ll just have to keep it! Here is a link to more photos and video of this special grand piano: Rebuilt Chickering Grand Piano]]>