Bringing Music Theory Home

One of the challenges of learning music theory is practicing it throughout the week. Working on it in the theory lab is great, but when you only do that for 30 minutes a week, there’s a good chance you’ll forget some things. Thanks to technology, it’s easy to review what you already know and even learn new concepts using a computer, tablet, or smartphone!

One of the apps we’ve recently introduced in the theory lab is called Quizlet. You can access Quizlet through the internet or via a free app on a personal device. Using the AIM (Achievement in Music—a standardized music theory testing system for music teachers in Utah) materials, our teachers have created virtual flashcards to review concepts from beginner to advanced! Students practice the physical flashcards as one of their rotation items in the computer lab. Here’s how to keep the learning going at home:

On a smartphone or tablet, download the “Quizlet” app; on a computer, go to quizlet.com.

Create an account (free!) or log in with a Facebook account.

Search for “AIM Theory Level _” with the level you want to work on. (Not sure where to start? The level your child is on in the green UPC Technique packet usually corresponds with their level in theory. Or, level 1 is a great place to start.)

Choose the deck that has “Piano Academy TEACHER” as the author. The questions will look something like this:

quizlet 2 quizlet one

Start learning! Quizlet has lots of different ways to study each deck. You can change preferences on the settings screen to do multiple choice, use the app like you would paper flashcards, take a test on the ones you know, and plenty more. Explore and find what ways help you the best!


Pro tip: This is an especially useful tool for our Honors students who are prepping for AIM evaluations in the next couple of weeks! The info on these flashcards includes all the concepts you’ll see on the written theory exam. Click here to learn more about the event opportunities available to our Honors students.

And of course, students can always bring questions to their piano lessons and ask the teachers for help! This is just one of the many great tools we use—keep an eye on the blog to see other programs and apps featured in the future!