Brig’s Giggin’ Piano for Sale!

This great piano has seen many events! Brigham has taken this fine beauty around Utah for years as his personal gigging piano. I think he may be the only piano man locally, who brings his own piano, by himself. Yep, he can move it solo and usually does upright moves alone. Alas… it’s time to sell it and someone else can now enjoy this great instrument. Brigham just had our refinishing guy do a touch up job to improve the exterior. Come and play it for yourself to see how great the interior is!

Here’s a video of Brig giggin’ on this piano at a wedding of a tuning customer, playing Fly Me To The Moon. The bass player was another tuning customer who mentioned that he used to gig and loved it, so Brigham invited him to come and play with him for this event.

So anyway… come check out the giggin’ piano!  Here’s a video of it: