Brigham, how did you become a piano technician?

Have you ever wondered how Brigham Larson became a piano technician? 

From Brigham,

“My love affair with pianos began as a small child. As a teenager, my father recognized my musical talents as well as my attention to craftsmanship, and he encouraged me to seek out an apprenticeship in piano tuning.

So at age 17, I emptied my sock drawer of change and paid for my first mentor. I would later turn my cool hobby into something to help pay for college at BYU.

When I met and married Karmel, we lived in a 700-square-foot condo that we somehow squeezed 7 pianos in at once before we were bursting at the seams. After buying a larger home in 2002, I rebuilt my first piano in the garage, rolling it out and selling it and repeating that same process over and over again. What was once a hobby turned into a full-fledged business.

Fast forward to 2010, I had 23 pianos in my home, and my wife understandably said it was time to expand.  We moved into our first commercial location, and Brigham’s Piano Service became Brigham Larson Pianos. “

I didn’t always own a big store though… it all started with a little cash from my sock drawer, at 17, when my father recognized that I was both musical and mechanical. Here’s a video that shares my story of where it all began and how it grew into the mega piano store we have today.

Please, accept my personal invitation to stop by our showroom to find something you will fall in love with. Or, if you have a piano that might be in need of tuning, refinishing, or even rebuilding, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly. You will oftentimes find me in our back shop, working with our team of expert piano technicians who take immense pride in bringing old pianos new life.”

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