Briggy on the Biggy! Piano Competition Day!

Briggy on the Biggy Steinway Piano I have been at our piano store all day today enjoying the flow of talented piano families coming and going, to and from the Black Box Theater and the Small Recital Hall upstairs.  While I host the Utah Valley Festival Piano Competition at our piano store, Brigham is taking several of our children to Utah Valley University’s Piano Competition hosted by Piano Program Director Hilary Demske.  Above is “Briggy on the Biggy”.. Ok… a little cheesy, but it was the first thought that came to mind when I saw the texted image of my little seven year old on that great big Steinway Concert Grand.  Great hard work practicing piano has paid off big today for my Abby and Briggy as well as the many piano students who have filtered through our piano store today.  Great work everyone!  Happy practicing and performing.  Now for the TREATS! Abby concert grand]]>