Free Piano Tutor Training

Tutors play a vital role in developing the the practice habits and ensuring absolute progress for each piano student. The Piano Academy offers free piano tutor training to ensure that each student starts off with the right way practicing. We want our tutors to be positive and encouraging! The purpose of piano tutoring is to help students help themselves and to assist or guide them to the point at which they become independent, successful ‘practicers’.

According to the National Tutoring Association, here are some benefits of Private Tutoring:

Benefits to students:

• Improves self confidence
• Improves self-esteem, as they become more successful students
• Improves academic achievement
• Improves attitude towards the subject matter and school in general
• Encourages greater persistence in completing piano lesson assignments
• Encourages the use of appropriate and efficient learning and practice techniques
• Provides an opportunity for individualized piano instruction
• Provides opportunities for questions and clarification of music concepts
• Provides additional review and practice of difficult lesson assignments

Successful Piano Academy Tutors can know little or a lot about music. They can be the following:

– Parent
– Grandparent
– Sibling, capable and willing!
– High school student looking for volunteer work, or small pay
– Friendly neighbor
– Experienced piano friend

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