1910 W.W. Kimball Upright Piano Hybrid Rebuild!

Progress along the way!

We worked on every system of the piano on this partial hybrid rebuild / refurbish. We replaced the most crucial components on this 100 year old piano; like the hammers, dampers, shanks, and we re-pinned the hammer butts. We put triple dampers on the bass so it works a little better than the original design from so long ago. We put on new bridal straps, leather, felt and cloth throughout. The owner wanted to keep the original ivory keys, so we sanded them down and cleaned them up. We thoroughly cleaned the piano, and re-plated the pedals and hardware. Other work we did on this piano was full regulation and making sure the piano is functioning correctly.

The functionality of this piano is now ready to last decades to come!

We are often restore a piano for two main reasons:  Either it has been passed down through a family for generations and is a family heirloom, or, because a person desires the unique aesthetic of an older piano that is difficult to find in modern pianos.  In this particular case, the piano belonged the the customers grandma and she inherited the piano.

If you would like to see this restoration work in action, stop by our piano shop anytime. We love to give tours!  If you are interested in this type of work for your own piano, call us today at 801-701-0113. Brigham oversees all rebuilds personally and will ensure your piano gets the best care possible.  You can also come visit our piano shop at 1497 S State Street, Orem Utah. To see some of our other piano restorations, visit our Youtube Channel .