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Music is a common language throughout the world with endless benefits. We are tuning hearts through music in our own family and invite you and your family as well.
Brigham's Piano Story

Brigham’s love affair with pianos began as a child. As a teen, his father recognized Brigham’s duo of talents in musicianship and craftsmanship. He loved to play and he loved to tinker, so seeking out a piano tuning apprenticeship seemed perfect. In 1995, 17-year-old Brigham paid cash from his sock drawer to hire his first mentor. What he thought would be a cool hobby to help pay for college turned out to be a much more exciting adventure.

At BYU, he met and married Karmel. Together they bought a 700 SF condo that hosted seven pianos at one time before they expanded into a home. Always a gigging musician and local performing artist, Brigham lived at the piano day and night. Between his tuning appointments and with first son, baby Ben’s help, he rebuilt his first piano inside a tiny garage in 2002. As each new piano was completed, he would roll them out to the street to sell one by one. Over the years came many more gigs, more children, and many more pianos. At one time, he had 23 pianos in his home and garage.

And so, in 2010, Karmel finally said, “It’s time…. to expand!” and they found a warehouse. That same year, Brigham was selected to be the exclusive Hailun dealer for Utah. Soon they further expanded into the adjoining space and created the storefront, Brigham Larson Pianos. The stage soon went up and Brigham’s Concert Series was born right after Joseph’s birth, their 6th. Immersed in music as a family, it seemed a natural addition to open Brigham’s School of Music and share this joy with others. In 2014, Brigham and Karmel moved to their current location, the 24,000 SF piano megastore. They also expanded Brigham’s School of Music into Utah Piano Conservatory with dual Piano Academies.

Brigham further expanded the piano shop by increasing his team of talented piano technicians and specializing in the commissioned restoration of vintage family heirloom pianos.

Today Brigham Larson Pianos is Utah’s go-to place for all things piano. We look forward to your visit and invite you to tour our unique piano playland.

Tours are a must… bring the children and the whole family. See you soon!

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