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  Expert Piano Technician & Rebuilder

With over 25 years of technical experience in piano tuning and rebuilding, Brigham Larson is a passionate artisan leading a team of technicians, re-making pianos into like new works of art!  

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Brigham started tuning pianos in 1995, paying cash from his sock drawer to  hire a  local piano technician to give him a few tuning lessons.  Now HE is the mentor and trainer to his team of piano artisans, refurbishing and restoring over 100 pianos a year.


Brigham has been a piano technician for 25+ years and is a passionate piano enthusiast. He is the talent, the artisan and the expert behind it all. A professional jazz musician, his love of the instrument has guided and informed his experience as a piano technician. He was a musician for hire for many years before the volume of pianos and children in his life became his priority!


Early in life, his father identified and encouraged Brigham's mechanical instincts in addition to his musical gifts. He was the young boy always curious about taking things apart, discovering how things work and rigging up new inventions.  The combination of both musical and mechanical  talents have guided Brighams quick rise to success in the piano technology industry. 

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Brigham Larson - Expert Piano Technician, Rebuilder, Piano Dealer

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