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Why we strive to “facilitate positive musical experiences for families:”
  • We believe you deserve to be guided in your search for a piano by a knowledgeable, passionate pianist and technician who can educate you about what you’re buying.
  • We believe you and your family deserve to practice your craft on a suitable instrument that speaks to you — one that you absolutely love.
  • We believe you and your family deserve to experience enriching musical traditions with a piano that brings you all together.

If you’re ready to find a piano you love and feel fantastic about, please come into our store to see our selection of new and used pianos, or click the button below to give us a call and schedule a time for a complimentary piano buying consultation. We’d love to discuss your needs and help you find the best instrument for you.


How to Avoid Paying Too Much Money for the Wrong Piano

Start enjoying the benefits of musical traditions in your home in just 3 easy steps:  

  • Come in and compare pianos to get a feel for the look, touch, and tone of the one that's right for you.
  • We'll help you select a piano and any accompanying decisions so that your piano best fits your needs and goals.
  • We'll deliver your piano and you (and your family) can experience the cultural enrichment and advantages that come from adding musical traditions into your home.

“Brigham is great! We’ve been really happy with his service, his character, and his competence. We highly recommend him.

-Barry Rellaford, playing in American Fork, UT


Hear the story of how we went from tuning pianos in a garage to the largest piano distributor in Utah.

Listen to this interview of Brigham Larson by Hailun USA President, Basilios Strmec, as he shares the journey of how Brigham Larson Pianos became a 24,000 sq. foot piano megastore.

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Together, we’ve been tuning hearts through music since 1995.  

With a deep enthusiasm for pianos and musical traditions, both Brigham and Karmel — wife, business partner, and director of the conservatory — share their passion, knowledge, and expertise to help families flourish with music in their lives.

As parents themselves, who have included all eight of their children in music education, Karmel and Brigham understand the importance of passing on the values, discipline, and passion for music to your children.

They intimately know the value that can be gained by incorporating musical traditions and education into your daily life — from the lasting emotional and cognitive benefits to the improved family relationships that come with gathering around the piano.

If you’re interested in passing on the legacy of music to your children or want to enhance your own life with music, please come in or call us and we can help you find the perfect piano for your needs.

Come in or contact us to:

“Our family has had our new Hailun Grand Piano for about a week and a half now. I have been nothing but impressed. The kids love playing it, mainly because it’s so easy for them to make beautiful music. We have three kids in piano lessons, and now that I have this piano, I don’t think I’ll ever buy another.

-Bret and Kathleen Gundersen, Orem, UT

“My old, sorely out-of-tune piano needed lots of work but now it sounds wonderful. I am grateful for that alone, but Brigham also took the time to teach me about the intricate workings of my piano.

-Jana Shepherd, Alpine, UT

Enjoy the lifelong gift of music with
Our complete piano services.


We have a fantastic selection of new and used pianos to choose from and would love to help you find the perfect piano for you.


Bring new life into your beloved piano with complete piano refurbishing for both upright and grand pianos.


Ensure your piano sounds the best it can. We specialize in making pianos sound how they were intended to sound.


Ensure your piano stays free of damage, we move pianos throughout Utah, surrounding states and across the nation.

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