A Simple Way to Make Practicing Feel Less like a Chore.

Does practicing ever get boring or feel more like a chore than fun? Well there are ways to fix that! Just like we save dessert for last, we should save our favorite songs for the end! Not only will it keep us excited throughout our practice session, but studies have shown that it leaves an overall better impression in our mind of our practicing. In his article, The Peak-End Rule, Dr. Kageyama explains that no matter how tough the practice session is, or how boring we are finding it, we will be more inclined to remember that the whole lesson, or practice session went well if we play one of our favorites at the end! Follow the link below to read more about the Peak-End Rule:


Studies have also shown that watching a funny animal video boosts your mental mood! So to get you started here is a funny video 🙂 Enjoy!