A Parent’s Place in Piano Lessons

On September 14th, we are hosting our annual parent involvement meeting! At Utah Piano Conservatory, parent involvement is crucial. “Parents are encouraged to be active participants in their student(s)’ progress” (UPC 2017-2018 Handbook, pg. 4). We are very excited to gather parents of our students together in this meeting, and look forward to seeing all of our piano parents there!

“Parents are also required to attend the yearly conservatory parent meeting . . . . in preparation for a new academic year”. As part of this meeting, “parents agree to ensure student’s regular and punctual attendance throughout the year by providing the transportation, parental guidance, time management, practice supervision and other support necessary for successful participation” (pg. 4). Now that everyone is going back to school schedules, we want to make sure that we help students and parents maintain their piano progress.dsc04545 We know that students and parents are busy!

Parents “agree to provide the encouragement, structure, and environment necessary for the student to develop the habit of regular practice at home. In addition, they agree to supervise and document the student’s practice time in the practice journal provided by the Conservatory as part of the lesson notebook” (pg. 4).  During this meeting we will discuss the Piano Tutor Training handout, which gives tips on how to help students have successful practice sessions. This and more will also be discussed during the meeting, as well as upcoming events and recitals!


We are so grateful for all of our piano parents! You are the support at home, and can be a wonderful influence on your child’s success at the piano. We will see you all on the 14th of September!