A Fun Family Reunion Piano Lessons Camp at the Utah Piano Conservatory

Here is the story of the 22-member Heath Family Reunion Music Camp, held at the Utah Piano Conservatory.  It lasts for two hours on a day of their choice during their family reunion.  They are first meeting in the ensemble room and having piano concepts presented to them.  Two are at each piano.  Big kids help little kids. The median piano level of this family is around Level II/III. They will learn to play songs together and really enjoy the orchestrations backing them up.  It is an experience they can all do together.  Mistakes don’t matter – it is a “family social musical experience.”  Such fun!

Next the Heath family will move upstairs for the relay games.  They will divide into 2 teams and play 4 games:  keyboard identification, rhythm counting with the green sticks, treble and bass clef line and space recognition, and chord building relays with colored circles in both clefs.

The Heath family will then enter the computer room of the Academy. They will rotate around 4 different tables with 4 different games,  Candy land Musical Game,  Erase Board drawing of basic piano staff knowledge, Musical Jenga for dynamic recognition, and Relay Musical Keyboard.  If there is time, they will also play Finger Twister.

 The Family Reunion ends with a big extravaganza in the main gallery of the store.  Everyone gets on a grand piano, and they play all the songs they have learned together. The orchestrations are boomed out through big boxes and everyone feels like there is a large symphony behind them as they play!   When done, they clap for each other, having achieved real musical fun and created fabulous memories together!
Enjoy some of the pictures from this fun family time: