7 Reasons to Give the Gift of Experiences – PRICELESS!

We just love music at UPC, especially for our Kindermusik students and parents. Not only, do we get to have fun, we are making memories and experiences that become PRICELESS in a child’s life! Parents give the gift every week in our early childhood music class. Read what Kindermusik had to say about the reasons to give music this Christmas. Online gift certificates available here!

  1. The memories will last a lifetime—long after a child loses interest in the latest toy or gadget.
  2. An “experience” gift can be custom-tailored to a child. Does your little one love new books? Take a trip to the library and read 20 books in one afternoon or all the picture books by the same author. Does your child sing throughout the day? Host a family karoke night and spend the evening singing and dancing together. Is your little guy or girl fascinated with the great outdoors? Camp out in the living room!
  3. You don’t need to find a spot for one more toy. (You know what we are talking about!)
  4. Your child learns the value of spending time together.
  5. No batteries or assembly required (i.e. no late nights spent putting together toys or lamenting proper sticker placement on tiny plastic cars.) Woo-hoo!
  6. It’s fun for you, too.
  7. Investing time with our kids pays off by creating heart-to-heart connections with them. As your children grow, they will begin to shift focus to peer-to-peer relationships but by teaching them the value of spending time as a family, children will RETURN the gift to you during the teen and adult years….and pass the gift on to their own children.

Of course, we would LOVE for you to give the gift of music. It’s what we do after all. However, here are 18 other ideas for “experience” gifts.

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