40 Piano Pieces in One Year – A Different Take on Piano Lessons

For lots of piano students around the world, the standard is learning just a few pieces a year to prepare for competitions and events. But at the Utah Piano Conservatory, we say… the more music, the better!

Our Piano Academy students work with their piano teachers to work on a variety of different pieces. At any given time, a student might be working on any or all of the following:

  • a solo recital piece – a challenge piece meant to be memorized and performed
  • 2-3 pieces from their method books (we use the lesson, performance, and technique books)
  • a hymn or primary song
  • a technical exercise like Hanon, Czerny, or another etude

But for those students who exceptionally hard workers, we like to extend a special invitation to complete the 40-Piece Challenge!

The 40-piece challenge was inspired by Australian teacher Elissa Milne (read her story here) with the idea that students who learn more music become proficient pianists much more quickly. In order to complete the challenge, students must learn 40 pieces within one calendar year. And as of last week, our first student has completed it – huge congratulations to Mark!

Mark 40 piecescompleted challenge

Mark is 11 and started this challenge last September. With help from his teachers to choose and learn the pieces, he actually completed it in just under 11 months! He definitely had to push himself, but we’ve seen his piano skills grow by leaps and bounds. We are so proud of his incredible hard work. Mark’s name will soon be the first one on the 40-piece challenge plaque!

40 piece challenge plaque

If you think your child could use an extra push in their piano lessons, let us know – we’d love to get your child started on this amazing 40-piece journey as well!