Piano Lessons from Delgado/Mauler Duo

This past Saturday, Piano Academy hosted the orientation for our Duet Summer Program! Mrs. Delgado and Mrs. Mauler were pleased to talk with parents and students about the upcoming program, set to officially begin June 28th. They also demonstrated their skills by playing a few duets. We are very excited to have the Delgado/Mauler duo with us this summer!

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Students involved in the program will pick up their music and schedule June 1st. So, if you have not yet signed up, please contact us! Registration closes May 24th. Students need to have at least one year of piano lessons to qualify for the program. Even if a child does not have a duet partner picked out before the program, we encourage them to sign up anyways, as they may meet their duet partner during this program!

piano duet, piano teacher, piano lessons

Each duo will participate in two master classes, and two private lessons with the Delgado/Mauler duo throughout the summer. Duos will also have the opportunity to perform August 3rd for their parents and friends. Registration includes the opportunity to attend the Utah Piano Conservatory Summer Concert with the Delgado/Mauler Duo, and the Temple Square Performance by our UPC Faculty and the Delgado/Mauler Duo.

piano lessons, piano duet, piano teacher

piano lesson, piano teacher, piano duet

If you have not yet signed up for the Duet Summer Program, you still can! Call/text 385-219-0774 or send an email to [email protected] for details.