Pre-Performance Tips from Your Piano Teacher

May is here! That means our recitals are just around the corner! On May 6th, Piano Academy students and faculty will participate in our Outreach Recital at Osmond Senior Living in Lindon, Utah. Before every recital, students are invited to participate in several performance opportunities. We provide an Outreach Recital the week before our formal recital, which we will talk about more in our next post!

Another way we encourage performance preparation is by challenging Piano Academy students to complete the Pre-Recital Performances sheet. Featured below, the Pre-Recital Performances sheet has ten slots for 10 practice performances. A practice performance includes the student announcing themselves, playing their very best without stopping, and bowing at the end! When a student completes all 10 performances, their solo piano teacher awards a golden music buck, worth 20 bucks!

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Piano Academy students enlist the help of their family as they complete these 10 practice performances. At Piano Academy, we know that the success of each piano lesson comes from the teacher, the student, AND the student’s family! Here is what we tell our students to say to their families:

Hey, Mom and Dad – I’m playing in the Piano Academy Recital this Saturday, May 20!

I will be playing at ___________ and need to be there 10 minutes early, wearing Sunday best!

Please help me practice performing before the recital! I get a Golden Buck if I complete my 10 “Pre-Recital Performances.” Here’s what I need to do when I do a practice performance:

  • Walk confidently up to the piano and say (nice and loud!): “My name is ____________ and I shall play _____________ by ______________.”
  • Practice my piece as if it were the real thing! Perform musically!
  • After I’m finished, I’ll stand up and bow by looking at my feet and saying “hippopotamus” or counting to 3 before I stand back up.

Thanks for everything you do to help me learn to play the piano!


Are YOU interested in seeing what a recital looks like at Piano Academy? Please come! Our formal recitals are held on Saturday, May 20th at various times throughout the day. Call us at 385-219-0774 for specific times or to schedule your FREE tour of Piano Academy at the Utah Piano Conservatory! We look forward to hearing from you!