New Class – Cuddle & Bounce Class

Come “Sing & Sway” with me at Cuddle & Bounce on Mondays at 11:30! Babies under 5 months are ALWAYS free and your first class is ALWAYS free! So come get some musical inspiration on how to incorporate the joy and LEARNING of music into the little heart and soul of your baby. You know the research and you know they need it! We’ve got ideas overflowing over here and so many exciting musical instruments that your babies will go wild with joy! So even if you just come for the free stuff…. COME!!!! I’m just so excited to share (it’s really a class for educating moms on how to musically educate their babies every day from birth – – – and you are going to LOVE the “I love you rituals”.

Email [email protected] for more information or to secure your spot!