Monthly Archives: April 2020

The Top 3 Myths About Taking Piano Lessons Online

Like teachers and studio owners across the world, we are currently offering piano lessons online. While it hasn’t been an easy ride, we’re definitely learning a TON. We went from “carefully sanitized” in-person lessons to online lessons within about a day! As we’ve made this transition, we’ve been experimenting and problem-solving right along with our […]

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Rent a piano!

Now is such a great time to get back into the piano, or start learning.  With all this extra time have lately to be at home, why not start back up developing your musical talents? We have lots of rental options to choose from -grands, uprights, Hallet Davis, Yamaha, and smaller pianos that don’t take […]

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Turn any piano into a digital!

Just yesterday I was tuning a piano in someone’s home and he is currently working from home. All of his children are home during the day with him during this current COVID situation.   He mentioned he would really appreciate the option to quiet his acoustic piano. His kids are playing the piano more frequently and […]

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Our Latest Piano Restoration!

1914 Steger and Sons Upright Piano Check out our Latest Piano Restoration we just finished this amazing piano for a customer! It was in rough condition when it came in, which is very normal for a piano over a hundred years old. We completely replaced all the hammers, all the dampers, shanks, keys, and re-plated […]

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