Monthly Archives: March 2020

Covid Concert Series!

We want to share some HOPE with you during this crazy time! Here’s the link to sign up for our Covid Concert Series! Come in and have the entire showroom to yourself and play something for us on one of our pianos.  (We disinfect the piano before and after playing).   If you are out of […]

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Piano Academy and COVID-19

We’re aware that there have been many closures of various organizations around the state today. For the time being, Piano Academy will stay open and continue offering lessons. According to recent information shared by the CDC and Utah government agencies, we believe that Piano Academy is at low risk for spreading COVID-19. While Governor Herbert […]

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We Don’t WORK Piano … We PLAY Piano!

A seven-year-old sits down, plods straight through his five-line song three times, and jumps up, shouting “Done!” To his best knowledge, he’s practiced. He forgot a fun element of playing piano: the playing part! Sometimes it seems faster or more fun to simply glide through each piece, but in doing so, we leave true improvement, […]

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