Monthly Archives: April 2019

What Learning to Knit Taught Me About Teaching Piano

I recently wrote a post about learning to play the ukulele and how that has influenced my piano teaching. This post has a similar feel to it. Since graduating with my Master’s degree last April, I’ve taken up several new hobbies because I now have time for such things, and it is interesting how these […]

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Jigs and (Not) Dancing

Piano factories have pretty fancy equipment-large industrial equipment to efficiently make parts consistently. How do technicians replicate that kind of work consistently and accurately? we make jigs: jigs for drilling holes, jigs for gluing things, jigs for cutting felts. What is a jig, other than an Irish dance? It’s simply a tool that aides other […]

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This Month in History: Famous Composers’ Birthdays

At Piano Academy, we celebrate a different composer every month by listening to their music and learning about their life. This month we’re focusing on Sergei Prokofiev, a super cool Russian composer who lived in the first half of the 20th century. It turns out his birthday is this month! So that got us thinking… […]

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