Monthly Archives: November 2018

After a Recital

Most students prepare a piece for several months before actually performing it at a recital, so after the recital, many students may be thinking: “Now that I’m done with my piece, what do I do?” The weeks following a recital performance can be a great opportunity for students to review goals and set new ones for the […]

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Why YOU Should Listen to Classical Music

A while ago, we shared some of the benefits of playing classical music—language development, higher test scores, and higher IQ among them. But you don’t have to take lessons to reap the benefits of classical music—just listening to it has been observed to have some amazing side effects, as well! Here are some of the benefits […]

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What a “Bad” Performance Taught Me About Practicing Piano

I’ve been practicing piano and performing for a lot of years (more years than most of our students have been alive!), so I’ve had a wide range of experiences when it comes to performing—from terrible to great and everything in between. While I’d say performing has almost always been a positive experience for me, sometimes things […]

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