Monthly Archives: October 2017

Building a Habit of Service Through Piano Recitals

Here at UPC, we sure love our piano recitals! Each quarter, we put on two different types of recitals. Our formal Piano Academy recitals happen at the Conservatory. Performers dress up, play memorized solos, invite friends and family, and take lots of pictures – probably similar to what piano recitals look like for studios across […]

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Meet the Talented Trio at Piano Lessons Today!

Savannah, Jack, and Ryan are siblings. They originally were interested in participating in our Duet Summer Camp. Unfortunately, their schedules didn’t allow participating. However, Lindsay Bastian, their piano teacher, suggested they prepare a trio instead. Ms. Bastian had a book of trios she acquired from a music teachers national convention, and began playing recordings of […]

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Piano Students Say It Best: What Does Sacrifice Mean?

    by McKenna Rammell, Assistant Director At Utah Piano Conservatory, we are dedicated to helping our students develop both talent and testimony. By focusing each month on a different virtue from our list of Virtues for Virtuosos, students not only learn piano, they also learn valuable character traits. This month our virtue is SACRIFICE. […]

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