Monthly Archives: May 2017

How Piano Recitals Can Instill Confidence

At Piano Academy, we focus on a different virtue each month. Called “Virtues for Virtuoso’s”, this emphasis helps students to develop both talent and testimony. At piano lessons, our students aren’t just learning the notes, they are learning patience. They aren’t just learning the rhythms, they are learning dedication. This month’s virtue is confidence! While […]

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Duet Program 2017

Duet/Two-Piano Summer Program with the Delgado-Mauler Piano Duo Note: Registration for the 2017 Duet Program is closed, BUT you can still come observe any of the classes! See the schedule below for class/lesson times. Outcome: Each participant will play one part of a Duet (one piano – 4 hands) and one part of a Two-Piano […]

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Piano Lessons vs. Piano Recitals: What’s the Difference in Etiquette?

Piano Academy recitals are TOMORROW, and we are making sure every student is prepared! Piano teachers are encouraging students to fill out their practice-performances sheets in preparation (see our  blog post, “Pre-Performance Tips from Your Piano Teacher” As part of the practice performances, students make sure to observe certain patterns of etiquette. One of […]

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