2016 Piano Academy Practice Competition

Introducing… the Piano Academy’s first-ever PRACTICE COMPETITION!!

We are so excited about this practice competition for our Piano Academy students! The competition will run from January 17-January 30(Download an extra practice log here.) You will turn in your practice logs the first week of February and winners will be announced the following week. Here are the rules:

  1. Your teacher will help you set a total practice goal for the two weeks. Your goal (and the average minutes per day required to meet that goal) are written on the top left side of your practice log.
  2. Each day that you practice, write down the total number of minutes practiced. You may count time spent on any of your Piano Academy assignments – solo, pass-off, technique, hymn, or any other special assignments given you by your teachers. Time spent practicing other music does not count towards the practice competition.
  3. parent or guardian must sign your practice log verifying that the amounts recorded are exact and accurate. Practice logs that are not signed will not be accepted.
  4. You may choose any two days of the competition for your practice time to count as double. Just write your time in as normal and circle those two days before you turn in your log.
  5. You may also choose any one day of the competition as a “free day” to not count towards your overall practice record or consecutive days practiced. Mark an X over that day.



Every student who turns in a completed practice log and has reached their individual goal for total time practiced over the span of the competition will receive a certificate and a prize (choice of 30 music bucks or their favorite king-size candy bar).


Grand prizes will be given in the following categories:

Most Total Time Practiced (One overall prize plus prizes for “Most Total Time Practiced by a Monday Student,” “…Tuesday Student,” etc.)

Most Total Time Practiced by a Beginner

Most Total Time Practiced by an Intermediate Student

Most Consecutive Days Practiced (10 minute/day minimum)

Most Improved

Best Single Day of Practice

Fewest Days of Less than 15 Minutes of Practice



Grand prize winners will be able to choose one of the following:

100 Music Bucks

$10 iTunes gift card

Star Wars Lego Set

$10 Visa Gift Card

$10 Cold Stone Gift Card


Good luck, and happy practicing!!