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Is My Child Ready for Piano Lessons? Six Questions to Ask Before You Start

What age is the right age to start piano lessons? As a piano teacher, this is one of the questions I am asked most frequently. While it would be great if there were one right age for everyone to start lessons, the answer is actually a lot more complicated than that. Some children are ready […]

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Back to Lessons – Free Registration

Anyone who enrolls during the month of August for Conservatory Lessons gets free registration! Visit our website to learn all about our different programs available from 0-99! Did you know that we have: Over 10 different professional piano lesson programs offered Private lessons offered for ages 3-100+ Opportunities for scholarships and financial aid Programs for […]

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A Fun Family Reunion Piano Lessons Camp at the Utah Piano Conservatory

Here is the story of the 22-member Heath Family Reunion Music Camp, held at the Utah Piano Conservatory.  It lasts for two hours on a day of their choice during their family reunion.  They are first meeting in the ensemble room and having piano concepts presented to them.  Two are at each piano.  Big kids […]

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Kindermusik Extravaganza

Back To Lessons Extravaganza!!! We’d love to have you come play with us on Saturday, August 22nd from 10 AM-12 PM at Brigham Larson Pianos, 1497 South State Street. Here at the Utah Piano Conservatory, we are truly dedicated to providing an excellent developmental beginning for your children! They’ll love participating in our INSTRUMENT PETTING ZOO!!, crafts, music games, prizes, and 3 Family-Time […]

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