1982 Yamaha G2! New to our store!

We just finished working on this 5′ 7″ 1982 Yamaha G2. The piano isn’t very old and our refurbishing has essentially erased the last 37 years of its life. It is in near perfect condition.

This piano isn’t a typical Yamaha because it has a warmer tone while still maintaining the power and projection. Our goal is to make this piano function and endure like a brand new Yamaha at a fraction of the price.

The inside is super clean. The hammers have been reshaped and the action has been fully regulated. This piano really has my ideal voicing, warmer in the middle and brighter as you get higher. I really feel like I can manipulate this piano and do what I want. There is no question that this piano will last a very long time. Come check it out!

Watch Brigham demo our 1982 Yamaha G2

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