1924 Brinkerhoff 53" Refurbished Upright Piano

Now introducing our 1924 Brinkerhoff piano, originally a player piano now refurbished as a traditional, upright piano! This Brinkerhoff piano has been refinished to remove over 90 years of wear, and now has a smooth consistent feel cosmetically. It includes its original pedals, polished to perfection. The keytops have been redone in-house in our very own Brigham Larson Pianos workshop. The inside of the Brinkerhoff has been thoroughly refurbished. Not quite a full rebuild, however, all original parts have been brought up to the absolute best condition possible. The keys and action have been cleaned and original hammers reshaped. A full regulation and tuning has been done to this piano. This piano should not have any issues for decades! If you enjoy a vintage look and a great sounding piano, this 1924 Brinkerhoff upright piano is the perfect candidate for you.

Serial #: 188492

Price: $2,790

(3 Year BLP Warranty)

Finance Price: $49/Month

Learn more about the process Brigham’s refurbished pianos go through before entering the gallery HERE.

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