1870’s Mathushek Piano Restoration

We are so proud of this 1870’s Mathushek Piano Restoration. Beautiful paneling- showing off the action going on in the piano. The pedals are original, the legs are amazing, and the piano is beautifully refinished. We put in brand new keys, brand new hammers and dampers, it was restrung, and the plate was refinished as well. With older pianos, you can’t find replacement parts, but this Mathushek is stunningly restored! Over 140 years old and the upper register sounds great and the base has presence! Beautiful job with this restoration!

After Video on this 1870’s Mathushek Piano Restoration

Watch the Before Video!


1870's Mathushek Piano Restoration

AFTER Refinishing

If you are considering restoring your piano because you have inherited a cherished heirloom piano we’d love to help you! Call our store 801-701-0113 to schedule a time HERE  for Brigham to come out and see your piano. We love bringing these amazing pianos back to life!

More About Piano Restoraion

We take three paths when rebuilding a piano: A full rebuild, refurbish, and a la carte. A rebuild is essentially a wholesale replacement of all major components. It also comes with a thorough cleaning so it looks brand new. The next path is a refurbish. For a refurbish, some parts are replaced or rebuilt, but not all parts as with a rebuild. However it still includes a thorough cleaning and is an excellent option that will restore a piano to great working condition. The third path is a la carte, for which not all pianos may qualify. This path is budget driven, where the piano owner with Brigham can pick and choose the components of the piano to be worked on.

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