10% off Valentines Day Sale!

Give the wonderful gift of music during our 10% Valentines Day Sale!  All Vintage and Refurbished Grand Pianos are 10% off now through Valentines Day!

10% off Valentines Day Sale

10% off Valentines Day Sale on All Vintage Grand Pianos

1885 Knabe Grand

1895 Knabe

“Wilderness” By the Award Winning Artist Paul George

This piano is truly one-of-a-kind. Award-winning artist Paul George created this gorgeous handmade custom case and titled the piece “Wilderness”. The interior is a 1925 Lester and this is a truly amazing piece. You can really see why Paul is an award-winning artist.   Our full blog on this piano HERE!

1902 Steinway Grand

This Steinway Model A is a complete rebuild from the ground up. We are so happy with the result!  See the full blog on this piano HERE!

1913 Mason and Hamlin

It took close to a year to rebuild this piano, and it was rebuilt extremely well to a high degree of precision and accuracy.  If you are not familiar with Mason and Hamlin, these pianos are world class instruments built in a golden age of piano making. Quality was of the utmost concern at the time this piano was built.

The piano has been restrung with brand new strings, and new felt, and new screws. The action has been replaced. This piano has a beautiful rich tone.

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