15% off all Kawai, and Yamaha Pianos! Now through July 4th!

Now is a great time to buy a  Piano!  All of our Pianos are on sale now through July 4th!  Our Kawai and Yamaha Pianos are 15% off!  Watch Brigham below for more details.  To schedule a time to meet with Brigham, call 801-701-0113

Here are some of the Yamaha and Kawai’s we have available right now!

2012 Kawai RX-2 5'9in #2268175

1985 Yamaha U1A 48in #4016157 1985 Kawai SA3E Upright 49in #1621873 1989 Kawai BS10 48in #1874075 1990 Yamaha U10A 48in #4888151 1996 Kawai CX21D 48in #2261127 Kawai BS1N 48in #2140940