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Used Pianos

Come and Experience our “Pre-Sale Gallery”!

presale gallery

Come into our piano store to experience a customized used piano buying experience.  We have an abundant selection of used pianos in grands, uprights, and spinets in various levels of condition.  You can find pianos that are already completely prepped and ready for purchase in the following  categories:

Tuned and Serviced Used Grand, Upright and Spinet Pianos

Refurbished Used Upright Pianos and Used Grand Pianos

Rebuilt/Restored Grand and Upright Pianos

Another exciting option that is an exclusive niche at our piano super store is to customize your selected piano to the exact specifications for any level of servicing according to your budget or desired outcome for the piano of your choice.  Stop by our pre-sale gallery to hand pick your used piano and then enjoy a private piano buying consultation with Brigham to learn about the possibilities and pricing options for a customized servicing, refurbishing or rebuilding plan for your new (used) piano.

Once your dreams for this newly selected piano are planned out by you and Brigham, then we will run it through our shop and prepare it to your exact specifications and have it delivered to your home by our expert team of movers.

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