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Piano Tuning FAQ

The previous technician told me my piano would be ‘untuneable’ and Brigham not only tuned it, he got it up to the correct pitch. -Chris Farmer, Orem, Utah

Here’s the stuff you should know about tuning your piano.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to email the piano expert, Brigham Larson, if you have a question that is not answered here.

The answer just might show up as a video blog post on

Brigham’s Piano Blog!

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Q: When should I have my piano tuned and why?

A: Every six months (industry standard recommendation) or a year depending upon you musical preferences.  Most of Brigham’s clients schedule for another 1 year appointment at the time of their tuning.

Q: What happens if my piano has not been tuned for several years?

A: You will most likely need a pitch raise.  Here is a link to an extensive blog post detailing the important things to know about a pitch raise. What is a pitch raise and will I need one?

Q: Can you do repairs as well or do you just tune?

A: Brigham is truly an expert piano technician and can fix ANYTHING!!!!

Q:Why should I buy a used piano from Brigham Larson Pianos when there are so many available for a few hundred bucks?

A:It’s all about the checklist process our pianos go through.  Watch the video to learn about our extensive reconditioning of the used pianos we sell and guarantee.

Q: Should I wait to tune my piano until after it is moved?

A: No (unless it is a move from a tropical climate to the desert)! See the video for more explanation as Brigham dispels this myth.

Q: What is Brigham’s experience?

A: Be careful to inquire about experience before allowing someone to work on your piano.  Brigham as over 15 years experience and has serviced over 10,000.  He’s a registered piano technician, master piano technician and active member of the local and national Piano Technician’s Guild.  This video further highlights his piano expertise and experience.

Q: What’s Brigham’s real job?

A: This is HIS REAL JOB!  (some people are more accustomed to part-time or hobbyist tuners) He supports 7 kids doing this full time!  Here’s a video introducing Brigham and how he got started with pianos. He has been fixing pianos as his full time career since 1995 (minus a few classes at BYU to get a history degree).

Q:  Is it OK to place a piano on an outside wall?

A: Yes. Watch the video to find out why…

Q: Is a piano with a cracked soundboard still usable?

A: Yes (most often… watch the video for an explanation)

Q: Do your used pianos come with a bench?

A: Some do and some don’t.  We have several options for you to chose from if the piano you like is not accompanied by a bench.  The following video highlights one custom made unfinished bench that can be easily stained to match any piano.  We can match and stain it for you or tell you how to do it on your own.

Q: Do you sell gray market Yamaha and Kawai pianos?

A: The like new refurbished Yamahas and Kawai that we obtain from a wholesaler on the east coast are all “gray market” pianos.  We have found these pianos to be of the highest quality and have no concerns about their condition as high-quality used pianos.  Since no piano salesperson can claim to be impartial on the information surrounding this issue, we advise our clients to Google the topic and study it for themselves to draw their own conclusions as we confidently have.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Article on gray market yamaha pianos from

We also recommend that you read the review from “The Piano Book” by Larry Fine.  Larry is a Registered Piano Technician with the National Piano Technician’s Guild and the most well respected unbiased critic of new and used pianos.  His book is a well researched and unbiased consumer guide.  He speaks very honestly and favorably toward gray market pianos.  You can purchase a copy on-line, on Larry Fine’s websiteor look at our copy when you come to see our pianos.

Here is a video of Brigham with Larry Fine at the National Piano Technician’s Guild Convention in Las Vegas 2009 discussing Larry’s most recently updated Piano Buying Guide.

Q: Do you sell new pianos?

A: Yes, we are excited to be selling the Hailun brand.  The following video highlights the features of a Hailun upright.

Q: Do you sell nationwide?

A: Yes, we can safely deliver any of our pianos across the country.  Our professional movers are insured and will have your piano set up in your home ready to play.  Here’s a video introducing our nationwide movers, Walter Transport.

Q: What piano products do you sell?

A: Please visit our piano products page to see a listing of all of our available products.  Here is a video highlighting our newest addition, the Safety-Ease Lid assist for grand piano lids.

Q: Do you repair broken ivory?

A: Yes.  We can repair all types of key tops as well as fix chips, replace an entire key top or the entire keyboard.  The following video demonstrates the many options available for keytop repair and replacement.

Q: Will sunlight cause damage to my piano’s finish and/or interior?

A: The video highlights the answer.


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