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Piano Tuning

Brigham did a thorough piano tuning, fixed every issue I mentioned, and carefully attended to issues I didn’t even realize were a problem! I found his rates to be very competitive, and his knowledge and service to be exceptional. After he left, I immediately sat down and fell in love with my piano again, it sounded so good! – Rebecca Larson, Highland, Utah

Brigham has been tuning and repairing pianos for 20 years.

He has tuned and serviced over 20,000 pianos.


Brigham can fix anything on your piano!  You’ll be surprised by what he can do to a piano that seems beyond repair!

Call (801) 701-0113 to schedule a piano tuning.

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Brigham’s peers have paid him the highest technical compliment by inviting him to be a Master Piano Technician.  Brigham is also a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) and member of the National Piano Technician’s Guild.

Watch this video to see Brigham’s “mobile piano shop”!  He doesn’t just come with a tuning hammer… he’s prepared for every type of repair, cleaning, fixing and improving.  This video will demonstrate what sets a “registered piano technician” apart from a “tooner”.  Call Brigham Larson Pianos for your next piano tuning service to ensure you receive the highest quality of piano tuning and repair!

How Often Should you Tune your Piano?

This is what the top piano manufacturers recommend.

from Yamaha Pianos…

“New pianos should be tuned a minimum of four times the first year to compensate for the normal settling that takes place. Subsequently, as a matter of standard maintenance, a piano should be tuned at least twice a year.”

from Baldwin Piano Co…..

“After the first year, the piano should be tuned at least twice each year, depending upon the frequency of use and atmospheric conditions. Contact the Piano Technicians Guild for a list of qualified technicians to perform this service.”

from Steinway & Sons…

“We recommend that your technician be called at least three or four times a year. You, however, are the final judge and should have the piano tuned as often as you think necessary.”

from Pearl River….

“Changes in temperature and humidity, the amount and type of use it gets, and the musical requirements of the owner will determine how often your Pearl River piano will need service.

In general, Pearl River recommends that your new piano be serviced four times the first year and twice a year by a qualified piano technician.

be tuned at least twice a year.

Of course, some musicians will choose to have their own piano tuned more often to satisfy their own personal musical requirements.

When your piano needs tuning, consult your authorized Yamaha piano dealer or call a skilled qualified specialist such as a Piano Technicians Guild Registered Piano Technician (RPT).”

from Young Chang America, Inc….

(also Pramberger & Bergmann)

“Piano owners will receive optimum performance from their piano if it is properly serviced during its lifetime to compensate for the effects of environmental conditions and use.

Due to the natural elasticity in new piano strings, we recommend that your instrument be tuned two to four times the first year, twice the second year and a minimum of once per year thereafter.”

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