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Keytop Repair

During the visit, I was told of another few hundred dollars  of maintenance that my piano could use, but I felt no pressure to commit  to have the extra repairs done. Brigham was informative but not pushy.

-Brad Whitaker, Provo, UT

Key tops are your connection point to the piano.  If they are in disrepair, the initial contact and experience is poor.  Let us help you reconnect to your instrument with a perfect touch from your fingertips through to the tuning, voicing and regulation.  We can improve the feel and aesthetic of your family heirloom piano.

Keytop collage

We do piano key top repair if your keys are in need of some love.  Our expert technicians can replace the entire set, fix a few keys or repair ivory keys as well.  Enjoy this informative video explaining the options and the process.


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