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Piano Services

I have never seen such fine work done on our piano as was done for us by Brigham.-LaRee Nooner, Pleasant Grove, Utah

Brigham Larson Pianos provides many different piano services.

Brigham offers a wide variety of piano services to improve the touch, tone, look and feel of your piano.

Brigham sets himself apart from many piano tuners, by arriving with a truck full of piano hand tools, power tools, piano parts and supplies to fix any problem, replace any piano part and do whatever it takes to make your grand or upright piano sing like never before! Brigham can fix ANYTHING!  He is truly a piano technician, offering a complete piano service!

We also have a team of 7 additional piano technicians who do field work and rebuilding and repair piano work in our state of the art piano shop in Orem, UT.

Piano Restoration (or Rebuilding)

  • Piano Refurbishing
  • Piano Rebuilding or Restoration
    • Complete Piano Restringing
    • Key top replacement
    • Pin block replacement

Piano Repairs 

  • Squeaky piano pedal
  • Pin replacement & tightening
  • Replating
  • Piano String replacement

Piano Maintenance

  • Piano Tuning
  • Grand Piano & Upright Piano Regulation
  • Piano Voicing
  • Grand Piano & Upright Piano Cleaning

Piano Key Services 

  • Piano Key Top Repair
  • Sticking Piano Key
  • Piano Key Leveling
  • Piano Key Rebushing

Piano Hammer Services

  • Re-shaping
  • Replacement

Piano Action Services


Piano Consignment 


Piano Rental


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Call (or text) Brigham today for a service quote at (801) 830-0011.

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