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Gorgeous Hobart M. Cable Piano For Sale-$1300

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Hoffman Piano $450

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Hailun First Tuning

1966 George Steck

Modello Piano

52 in. Walnut Finish Yamaha

Whitney Upright

Baldwin M1

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Baldwin Hamilton


Walworth Refurbished Upright

Hailun 50 Inch HU5P

Kawai Upright

Brand New 48 inch Hallet Davis

49 inch Kawai BL31

Sangler & Sohne

Spinet $698

48 Inch Yamaha U1

Yamaha U3

Mahogany Hailun HU1 48 Inch

49 Inch Kawai

1951 Cable Console

1960’s Kincaid Spinet

Hailun HU1P 48 Inch

Hailun 161 5’4 Grand Piano Available from Brigham Larson Pianos in Utah

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Side by Side Comparison of a Wood vs Premium Aluminum Keybed

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Gluing Bridges at the Hailun Factory in China

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The Only Rebuild-worthy Upright in North America, part 1

The Only Rebuild-worthy Upright in North America, part 2

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Ken Foster Playing Hailun

Hailun-Do Some of Your Own Research

Hailun Yamaha Kawai Upright Piano Comparison

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Jack Wyatt PTG Foundation

Brigham Larson Interviews PTG National President

Brigham Larson Interviewing Don Manino

President of Hailun USA

Dampp Chaser & Brigham Larson

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Safety Ease with Richard Hastings

Walter Transport

Steve Ostler Piano Mover

Brigham Interviewing Frank Emerson

Brigham Interviews Debra Perez, creater of Musical Moments Program

Brigham Interviews Eric Zehr

Brigham interviews Frank Emerson about his Hailun Grand Design

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PTG National Convention 2010

Wesson, Nickle & Gross

Playin’ an oldie…

Hailun Grand

Perzina Pianos



Safety Ease 2

Brigham’s Intro to NAMM 2011

NAMM Nanny

NAMM 2011 Idea Center

NAMM 2011 Gospel Music

NAMM 2011 Rock Concert
NAMM 2011 Touring the Piano Floor

NAMM 2011 Touring Main Floor

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Wait for tuning until after the move

Outside Wall Placement

Cracked Soundboard

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The BPS Checklist Process

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Abby’s Favorite Song

Ben & Abby Spring Piano Recital

Thayne and Abby Christmas Recital 2010

Ben Christmas Recital 2010

How does he get anything done?

Fur Elise Duet

Thayne Solo Recital

Abby Solo Recital Age 7

Abby playing and singing Tingalayo

Briggy Jr. Original Composition Age

The Chickering Fort

Kawai 1983

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Hailun Upright

Brigham & Basillios discuss Hailun Hammer Felts

Brigham Discussing The Touch of a Hailun Grand

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New Orem Location! Brigham Larson Pianos Video Tour – 2014

Shop Tour – March 2013

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Welcome To Brigham’s Piano Shop – 2010

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A day in the shop 1-21-11

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Refurbishing Story of a Family Piano

Piano Guys Jon Schmidt Piano

Piano Refurbishing, Rebuilding, and Restoration

Rebuilding an Antique Piano: Before and After



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Refinishing piano

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Presenting to PTG #1

Presenting to PTG #2

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