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Hallet Davis Pianos

Brigham Larson Pianos is proud to be a dealer for Hallet Davis pianos!

Hallet Davis focuses on three qualities:

Performance: Hallet Davis pianos are high quality pianos in every way. The soundboard is made of solid spruce, which many of the finest instrument makers in the world use for acoustic instruments. Hallet Davis uses top-notch German engineering and a finely tuned action to provide amazing touch and tone that will satisfy even the most discriminating pianist.

Beauty: Hallet Davis offers a range of styles and finishes to fit any aesthetic. Not only are Hallet Davis pianos professional quality instruments, they will add beauty and style to any room they enter. If a specific model or finish isn’t available in-store, Hallet Davis can often ship it in just a few weeks!

Value: Buying a piano is often a long-term investment, so purchasing a high-quality instrument is critical! Because of the efficient labor and manufacturing used by Hallet Davis, the price of a grand Hallet Davis today is roughly the same as a similar piano would have been 10 to 20 years ago. Hallet Davis pianos are beautiful pianos that will fit your home and your budget.


We offer several different models of both grand and upright pianos for sale and even some to rent! Check out our store page to see what models and finishes we currently have available.

Hallet Davis pianos come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty and quality benches.

We look forward to an in-store consultation! Stop by anytime Monday-Saturday from 10am-6pm to see one of these amazing Hallet Davis pianos.  You can also contact Brigham directly for more information at (801) 830-0011.

Here are some piano demo videos of recent Hallet Davis pianos passing through our store.



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