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Hailun Pianos

Congratulations Hailun!! WINNER!!!

“Piano Line of the Year” – Again 2014

3 Years Running!!!



Read on to learn about the awards Hailun Pianos are receiving!

Everyone is Selecting Hailun Pianos!

  • Expert Piano Technician Brigham Larson chose Hailun Pianos in 2010 (see his story below)
  • National Industry selects Hailun 2012 – Piano Line of the Year, HU5P Piano of the Year!
  • Dealers’ Choice Awards 2013 – Piano Line of the Year 178 Hailun Grand “Best Piano in North America”
  • Piano Line of the Year – AGAIN IN 2014!!!
  • The Piano Technicians Guild selected Hailun Pianos for technical action testing & training
  • Steinway selected George F. Emerson, Hailun Piano designer, to design their new piano 2014

Technical Advances & Hand Craftsmanship –

Hailun Piano Factory VIDEO TOUR Playlist

Enjoy this playlist of videos taken at the recent Hailun Pianos factory tour taken by piano technician, Brigham Larson.  He gives technical highlights of specific measures taken to ensure that Hailun pianos are of the most excellent design, precision manufacturing and quality assembly.  You will be very impressed with the state of the art and modern features you’ll see in the new Hailun Factory.   It is one of the only piano factories to allow photos and video, where workers are paid 15% more than other job equivalents, which ensures longevity and accumulative knowledge, skills & quality.

You will see the following videos:

Watch Up Close Expert Hand craftsmanship
  • Hand crafted soundboards
  • Hand crafted bridges
  • Rim hardwood inserts
  • Speaking length rod
  • Artisan bellymen chiseling
Brigham Explains Technical Greatness of Hailun
  • Innovative aluminum key bed
  • Mating the pinblock
  • Duplex scaling
  • Soundboard dead zone resolved
  • Electrical gluing process

Brigham’s Story

2010 Brigham Selects Hailun

Starting in 2000, with 7 pianos in a 700 SF condo, I have sold pianos, through 2010, when I had 23 pianos in my home and garage.  The first Hailun was delivered to our front living room after I selected it from a lineup of pianos at a Piano Technicians’ Convention.  My wife Karmel, suggested it was time to get a commercial location.  I told her the following as I tuned that first piano in our front living room just out of the box….

2010 – “This piano is so good! It’s better than a Yamaha & Kawai.  I can’t tell people how good this piano is because they’ll just think it’s a sales pitch.” –Brigham Larson

Now I can tell people, as the industry rated it higher than Yamaha & Kawai! WOW!

I don’t feign love for this piano because it happens to be in my store.  Hailun is in my store because I love the piano and selected it as a technician, musician and consumer.

  • Technician – As a career piano technician, having tuned over 20,000 pianos and running a rebuilding shop, I am passionate about Hailun from a technical aspect.  It is a solid beast that is a joy to work on!
  • Musician – As a musician and gigging jazz pianist, I love this piano’s touch and tone.  I describe its sound as being wrapped in a big warm blanket.  It’s very powerful, rich, deep and full!
  • Father – I want a quality deal like most folks and Hailun knocks it out of the park!  I get a super solid instrument to inspire my kids at  a much more affordable price than comparably rated brands.  It’s like getting an Accord at a Civic price!

National Industry Selects Hailun

2012, 2013 – Acoustic Piano Line of the Year – Two Years Running!!

It is big news and a pretty noticeable upset in the piano world after Yamaha and Kawai have been used to winning for so long… Watch out world – Hailun is getting noticed!

2012 – Piano of the Year HU5P 50” Upright

“Now here’s a surprise. For many years there, it appeared that Kawai’s K-3 had established a veritable lock in this category, but in 2012 China’s Hailun won “Acoustic Piano Line of the Year” in convincing fashion. The HU 5P was praised for meticulous craftsmanship and classic designs.”

2013 – Piano of the Year 178 – 5’10” Grand

Voted “Best Piano in North America!!”

“Last year it came as a surprise that longtime winner as “Acoustic Piano Line of the Year,” the Kawai K-3, was dethroned by China’s Hailun Pianos (the Hu-5P, specifically).  This year, Hailun flat-out dominated, although this time it was the HG-178 grand piano heading to the winner’s circle.”

Who Else Selects Hailun?

2010 – Piano Technicians Guild Selects Hailun

The National Piano Technicians Guild is the exclusive organization for expert tuners to become certified, or “Registered Piano Technicians”.  They must pass a rigorous exam and it is given on the recently selected, Hailun Action Model.

2014 – Steinway Selects Hailun Top Designer

George F. Emerson, an acclaimed American piano designer, completed his contract with Hailun in 2013 after designing the 198, as well as consulting on other designs.  As of March 1st, 2014, he was commissioned by Steinway to design a new piano.

Slow Fall Grand Lid!

Exclusive Patent Only With Hailun!

The Safety-Ease Lid Assist is an apparatus with which you can easily raise and lower the lid of your grand piano.   Watch video below of a 7’ grand piano (approximate weight of lid – 50+lbs) being easily opened and safely closed by a child!  This amazing technological advancement comes installed exclusively on all new Hailun grand pianos!

Watch VIDEO of SAFETY-EASE Lid Assist in action.

(Can be raised & lowered by a child!)

Safety While Closing!

Protection from injury or damage due to your lid falling.  Great safety feature for homes with small children.

Ease When Opening!

No heavy lifting to raise the lid.  No need to strain yourself anymore!  You can keep the lid closed until use.  Pianists can easily experiment with the differences in tonal quality achieved by varying the lid height.

Maintenance Advantages Include:

Less dust and cleaning needed for your soundboard.  May increase the longevity of your piano’s strings…. AND IT’S JUST SUPER COOL!

Hailun Pianos have an

“Unbeatable, Fully Transferable Warranty”!

Limited Full Fifteen Year Warranty

Your Hailun Piano is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship* for fifteen years from the date of original retail purchase from an Authorized Hailun Merchant.  If you decide to sell your Hailun piano, this limited full fifteen-year warranty is transferable to the purchaser from the original owner. That purchaser is entitled to all of the benefits and assumes the responsibilities of this warranty for the remainder of the fifteen-year period.

Lifetime Limited Parts Warranty

All action parts, the iron plate and metal case hardware parts are warranted to the original purchaser, for the lifetime of the original purchaser, beginning at the date of the original retail purchase from an Authorized Hailun Merchant.

Research Hailun On-line (don’t just take our word for it!)

Hailun pianos are getting “RAVE REVIEWS” everywhere, all of over the internet!!

Here are some links to get started with your research of Hailun Pianos:

Websites of Interest

  1. Official Website for Hailun Pianos USA
  2. Piano World-Leading on-line forum for discussing new and used pianos

Articles Reviewing Hailun Pianos

  1. Hailun Pianos Discussion Board on Piano World
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  3. Review of a Hailun piano factory tour by a University Technician and former editor of the Piano Technician’s Guild Journal
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