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Brigham’s Concert Series

Now in our 5th Season!

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Fulfilling Our Family Mission

For our family, the concert series is about our life mission,

“To facilitate positive musical experiences for families”,

as much as it is just pure fun as well.

I recently read this somewhere and jotted it down,

“The  highest form of marriage

is when husband and wife

engage in a mission  higher than themselves

and invite their children to join them.”

Well… I think it’s working and we’re having so much fun doing it together as a family!!  So we started the concert series to

“Promote the arts in Utah”,

however, it is also to promote the arts to our children! (and yours)!

Here’s one story of the inspiring nature of the concert series at work….

Our oldest son Ben, at age 9 was uninterested in preparing for a solo recital  (memorizing 10 songs to perform himself as a solo concert),  We didn’t  make him or force him in this direction as his siblings did their  solo recitals and received their trophies from their piano teachers.  He just  always sat in the back like he was bored out of his mind and not  interested… BUT THEN…. after attending the Josh Wright Concert at our store and meeting Josh afterward… Ben says this, “I want to do  a concert like Josh.  You know, where I play on the big piano and I get  to stand up and talk in between each song to tell about why I chose it  or why I like it, or listen to this one part because…”

He then  typed up his own list of 8 songs to perform plus 2 of his own  compositions and prepared to perform at “Daddy’s Store“.   It worked!!  A little inspiration goes a long way!  Bring your kids to  an event and share the joy of music with them.  We have some really  inspiring artists lined up.  If you haven’t been to one of our concerts  yet, request by e-mail a set of free tickets and we’ll hook you up as a VIP guest for your first outing to Brigham’s Concert Series!

Ben playing his first solo recital on the “big piano like Josh Wright”

(Thanks Josh!)


For more information about any of our concerts, call 801-701-0113 or