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Posted on Aug 10, 2017 in Piano Tuning and Repair, Videos

Restoring Grandpa’s childhood piano, part 1

Restoring Grandpa’s childhood piano, part 1

This 1913 Hallet Davis upright piano was brought in by a customer to be rebuilt. It belonged to their grandfather, who played it during his childhood and into his teens. Later in life the grandfather became a piano technician and kept this piano in good shape. However, 100+ years can take a toll on any piano, and it was brought to Brigham in order to be restored to its prime.

In this video we show the current condition of this piano and the kind of work we will be doing for the refurbish. Brigham opens up the top and bottom sections of the piano and explains his process in detail. Watch out for the mummified spider, puzzle pieces, and a century’s worth of dust! (Don’t worry, all of that is completely normal.)

This Hallet Davis is a gorgeous piano and we are so excited to start working on it. Stay tuned for a future progress report!

1913 Hallet Davis Upright #79383-Ashton Young

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